Second Skin® Compression


Technology & Fit

Meet your new training partner.

Second Skin® is engineered to help you reach your goals.

Powerful Performance Technology

HeiQ® Smart Temp

Intelligent thermoregulation keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.


Features SILVADUR™ technology to provide enhanced Odor Control.


LYCRA® SPORT fabric is engineered for athletes and active people, delivering a range of stretch and recovery power designed to help you move and perform your best, while feeling comfortable.


State-of-the-art fabric that's lightweight and breathable, yet contours to your body.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA

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Your Perfect Fit

How to Find Your Size

Compression gear is more than just clothing you wear during exercise: It uses high-tech fabrics to support your muscles while keeping you comfortable. That means the way you put on compression wear is a little different than just putting on a shirt. When you put on compression gear, gather the material of each arm or leg into your palm (with thumbs inside the arm or leg fabric), and then ease it over your limb. It may feel quite tight at first, so wait five full minutes to judge the fit.

The proper snug fit will support your body as you reach for your full potential. Get started by using our Second Skin size selector. You can also watch the videos below for expert tips on how to choose and wear Second Skin gear.

How to Get the Most from Your Compression Gear




  1. If your top has sleeves, start by scrunching the sleeves onto one arm and then the other

  2. Stretch the shirt, pulling it over your head

  3. Smooth out the shirt and make sure all seams are placed where they should be, with the underarm gusset up against the body

  4. Adjust the hem so that it's smooth all the way around your body, with the silicone hem grip holding the apparel in place

  5. To help the apparel settle into place, run your hands along the arms (if top has sleeves) and along your sides, then do a couple arm movements

  6. Your Second Skin should feel tight at firstm but should feel comfortable in a few minutes


  1. Sit on a chair and start by scrunching the fabric of one left up in your hands

  2. Pull it partway up, then scrunch the other leg and do the same

  3. Stand up and pull the bottoms up until they are against your body

  4. With your palm facing out, slide your hand inside one pant leg and draw your hand upwards, stretching the fabric up to your waist, then repeat on the other side

  5. The waistband should sit at the small of your back, and the crotch will fall comfortably into place

  6. Align the seams evenly on both legs

  7. Even out the hem on both legs and run your hands up and down your legs a couple of times to help the apparel settle into place

  8. Your Second Skin should feel tight at first, but should feel comfortable in a few minutes